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Advancing seismic safety with
data-driven precision for
safer tomorrows.

*each second stands for a few hundred human lifes in a metropolitan environment



Strategic Monitoring
Visualizing Activity
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Our strategically positioned hubs serve as the backbone of Seismo's seismic monitoring network: by carefully selecting key locations along fault lines and seismic hotspots, these hubs continuously gather vital data from animal movements, enabling us to unlock valuable insights into seismic activity and potential early warning signs.

Our dynamic heatmaps offer an intuitive visualization of seismic patterns and animal behavior data. By transforming complex information into easy-to-understand visual representations, these heatmaps provide a comprehensive view of seismic activity, enabling users to identify trends and potential correlations effortlessly.

An immediate access to crucial seismic data as it unfolds. Through continuous data analysis and rapid updates, we deliver timely insights, enabling swift response during seismic events.

As we step into a new era of research and live monitoring, we stand at the brink of remarkable breakthroughs, ushering in a future of heightened seismic awareness and unparalleled resilience. 

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Our project was born from a vision to tap into the remarkable instincts of animals and transform their behavior into life-saving insights. With a passionate team of experts, we have developed cutting-edge tracking devices and advanced analytics software.


Our unwavering commitment is driven by a desire to empower communities with early warning capabilities and enhance earthquake preparedness.

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To create a world where the extraordinary instincts of animals, combined with advanced technology and data analytics, serve as a powerful early warning system for seismic events.


We envision a future where communities are empowered with actionable insights, enabling them to proactively respond to earthquakes, protect lives, and build resilience.

Through our innovative solutions and collaborative approach, we strive to transform the way we understand and prepare for seismic activity, fostering a safer and more secure tomorrow.

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At Seismo, we have developed cutting-edge technology that merges the natural instincts of animals with advanced data analytics.


Our state-of-the-art tracking devices, equipped with high-sensitivity motion detection sensors, capture precise pet behavior data in real-time.

Coupled with our sophisticated data analytics software, we employ powerful algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze the collected data, uncover correlations, and provide timely insights into seismic activity.


Seismo is revolutionizing the way we understand animal behavior and its connection to seismic events.


01 / PHASE_dev

/Development of High Sensibility Motion Detecting Tracking Device that is designed to be worn by pets, accurately capturing their movements and behavior

/Data Analytic Software Implementation that processes the collected pet behavior data, utilizing advanced algorithms to extract meaningful insights and patterns


/ Our solution undergoes meticulous testing, including rigorous experiments and real-world scenarios, to fine-tune our devices and software, guaranteeing their ongoing reliability, effectiveness, and ability to provide precise and actionable information.

02 / PHASE_data

/We transform raw information into actionable knowledge. Our robust data analysis process involves uncovering correlations, identifying behavioral anomalies, and detecting early warning signs related to seismic activity.


/Once the pet behavior data is collected through our advanced tracking devices, we employ state-of-the-art analytical techniques to extract valuable insights and patterns.


/Our team of skilled data analysts and scientists utilize cutting-edge algorithms and methodologies to unlock the hidden secrets within the data.

03 / PHASE_grwth

/making our solution accessible to more communities worldwide. By nurturing a global network of seismic monitoring hubs, we aim to create a powerful community-driven system that strengthens our understanding of earthquakes and enhances our ability to predict and mitigate their impact.

/this is the evolution of Seismo from a groundbreaking concept to a catalyst for positive change.


The Sensor

The heart of our mission. This advanced device is designed to capture and interpret a wide range of pet behaviors, providing crucial insights that contribute to early earthquake detection.

seismo sensor
Image by Ryunosuke Kikuno



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Investor Relations

Currently, our project is self-funded, demonstrating our commitment and dedication. As we move forward, we eagerly anticipate exploring opportunities for strategic partnerships and engagement with reputable institutional investors to further propel our growth.

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